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Blog FAQs
Q: Does the treatment hurt?
A: Most patients report feeling a slight pinch but no pain.

Q: How many treatments are needed?
A: In most cases we recommend 2-3 treatments depending on your specific amount of hair loss. We also offer a free consultation to assess your hair and answer any questions you may have.

Q: How long does each treatment take?
A: The treatment only takes about 15 minutes. You can stop in and go straight to work, nobody will know you had anything done.

Q: What is the cost of stem cell injections?
A: Prices vary depending on how much loss you have but on average $2000 (finance option available).

Q: Is the treatment safe?
A: Yes, the treatment is extremely safe. Some patients have reported mild swelling at the injection sight, but that is rare.

Q: Will I have to continue to keep getting stem cell treatments?
A: No, but we do recommend a dht blocker such as Nutrafol and 5% Minoxidil to maintain your results.