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6 Month Laser Hair Program

(Stop excessive hair loss and regrow hair)

6 Month Laser Hair Program (Perfect for a person who has been losing hair less than 3 years) This program consists of once a week 30 min high intensity laser session under our Er610 laser.This program will stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Prices for this program start at 98$ upon approved credit

9 Month Regrowth Laser Hair Program

This 9 month program consists of once a week 30 min high intensity laser session under our Er610 laser. This program also includes 3 products that will assist in regrowing thicker and fuller hair.

1) Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

2) Custom compounded 5% minoxidil topical solutions

3) Dht blocker that helps in reducing the dyhydrotesterone on the scalp Prices for this program start at 145$ upon approved credit

12 Month Intensive Hair Regrowth program

(This program is perfect for a person who has been losing hair for 10 years or longer)

This program includes twice weekly high intensity laser sessions under our Er610 laser. Also included in this program are scalp checks every 3 months by our hair growth specialist to gauge a clients hair growth progress. there are 4 additional products that are included in this program.

1) Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner

2) Scalp Cleanser this product balances the PH on the scalp and removes any oily buildup caused by dht.

3)Custom compounded 5% minoxidil topical solution with Azaelic acid which reduces inflammation and dht.

4) Dht probiotic supplement that helps detox the liver and reduce the dihydrotestosterone on the scalp.

Prices for this program start at 175$ per month upon approved credit

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

A low level light energy is used to stimulate cellular activity at the mitochondrial level. This activity helps cells turn over faster which leads to stronger and thicker hair regrowth. This light energy also helps to increase blood flow, energy and the delivery of nutrients to the cells.

Hair alternates between resting phase and growing phase. This therapy awakens many of the follicles in the resting phase, spurring hair regrowth and cell regeneration. It’s been estimated that nearly 70% of the hair is converted from the resting phase to the growing phase.

The Arizona Hair Loss Center laser therapy combines four elements to restore healthy hair.

  • 1. Nutritional Supplementation
  • 2. Shampoo and Conditioner
  • 3. Topical Solutions
  • 4. Low Level Laser Therapy

By following this system, both men and women can get lasting results.

Unlike many invasive hair regrowth procedures, there is no pain from the Arizona Hair Loss Center Laser Hair Therapy and no side effects. In fact, sessions are quick and painless that they can be scheduled over your lunch break. Your appointment will be totally private and confidential and each session takes about 30 minutes.

The process is natural and you will be completely comfortable. Many of our patients feel so relaxed that they bring in a book, tablet or other mobile devices to relax and pass the time while they sit under the restorative laser. Because the laser is cold therapy, no burning, irritation or pain will be felt. You simply come in, relax and you are back to your daily schedule in half an hour.

We take a whole body approach to regrowing your hair. We understand that hair regrowth comes from within and that’s why we not only use cold laser therapy, but also nutritional supplementation to help grow back healthy hair.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

There are many reasons that both men and women develop hair loss. Some cases may be hereditary while others are environmental or lifestyle based. Hair loss may also be a result of hormonal changes. Nearly half of all men begin balding by the age of 30 and the majority are bald or have a balding pattern by the age of 60.

While most of us are more familiar with hair loss in men, hair loss in women is more common than you might think. Nearly 5% of women under the age of 30 and 60% over the age of 70 suffer from hair loss. In women, there is most commonly a strong genetic component.

As you can see, it’s a relatively common problem, however, many people have no idea how many options there are available to them. If you are bothered by your hair loss, now is the time to take action! Call us today to set up your consultation.

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